Introducing our most recent report: How to Plan for the Unexpected, 5 Key Steps for Developing an Effective Crisis Management Plan

What inspired this research?

Every company experiences a crisis at some point or another. It might be an internal crisis or an external crisis. It might be a crisis that just involves your organization, or a crisis that involves the whole world. Alternatively, it could be a natural disaster crisis, a public relations crisis, an employee crisis or a pandemic. However, even though every business experiences a crisis at some point in their life cycle –

Only 20% of businesses have a plan for dealing with that crisis.

This past year, all people and businesses experienced varying levels of crisis when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some were prepared, and others weren’t. After all, it’s nearly impossible to plan for a crisis none of us could have imagined…or is it?

In the past few months, many companies have enlisted Whynomics to help them identify ways they can use the pandemic experience of 2020 to evaluate, evolve and improve their Crisis Management Plans. This report is a distillation of our findings.

What to Expect

After numerous interviews with employees and leadership teams across multiple industries, Whynomics identified the key steps that are necessary for planning, implementing and executing an effective Crisis Management Plan. This report provides a 5-step action plan for creating a Crisis Management Plan for your business.

Key Finding

Through our research we identified one common theme that set successful crisis management initiatives apart from those that were unsuccessful. That is: Successful initiatives had a crystal clear understanding of the role their company should and would play in varying types of crises.

Every business is different and every crisis is different. A healthcare company in the midst of a healthcare crisis will require a very different plan than a beverage company in the midst of a natural disaster crisis. So, identifying what your businesses role is in different types of crises is imperative to successful execution.

At Whynomics, we go deep with our research – resolving never to only accept what we see on the surface.

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