Breast Cancer Index

The Project

Nearly 95% of women who have early-stage, HR+ breast cancer don’t benefit from the medication they’re on.

Trouble is, until now there hasn’t been a test that could identify who would benefit and who wouldn’t. So Breast Cancer Index launched first-ever genomic biomarker to protect women from unnecessary extended endocrine therapy —  because even if they are a part of the small group of patients who will benefit, 100% of women deserve to know what’s right for them.

Our Assignment:  Make Breast Cancer Index the Gold Standard for the treatment of HR+  breast cancer, and put them on the path to ending unnecessary cancer treatment.

Not Another Minute™ Not Knowing.

Turns out, only doctors like data. For patients, information overload was causing anxiety and emotional shutdown — preventing them from making informed decisions around their care.

So we aligned the leadership team and the brand messaging around a common truth: You can’t take the fear out of cancer, but you can remove the uncertainty around treatment decisions.

The brand’s new purpose? Reduce uncertainty around breast cancer treatment (and eliminate unnecessary treatment for good.)

Emotion First

BCI could never capture the attention of patients and Oncologists if it looked and behaved like a traditional healthcare company. So we conducted an in-depth research initiative to understand exactly how women and their physicians felt about the breast-cancer experience – then turned our findings into an emotions-first approach that spoke to how they felt, not what they needed to know.


Response to the initial brand rollout has been tremendous, with enthusiastic internal, advocate and physician adoption. Test sales have increased nationwide based on new sales, event and online messaging alone.

Consumer campaign launches in Q2 2020.