Delsey Luggage

The Project

Taking the Lug out of Luggage.

Consumers were having a hard time caring that one suitcase line weighed 22% less than the competition when the process of air travel had become such a drag — airport security lines, baggage fees and tedious TSA requirements have turned adventure into drudgery.

Enter Delsey’s secret weapon, Helium.

So while lightweight solutions wasn’t entirely unique to the category, competitive leaders like Samsonite and TravelPro had failed to realize consumers’ desire for a way to take the drag out of traveling.

Our Assignment: Turn Delsey’s seemingly insignificant weight advantage into taking the Lug out of Luggage for consumers – positioning them as the lightweight leader in North America and stealing significant market share from category leaders Samsonite, TUMI and TravelPro.

Travel Light. Making Travel Fun Again.

We repositioned the brand under the banner Travel Light, stripped our ads of feature-and-benefit rhetoric, and instead focused creative on playful, whimsical executions.

You know, fun. Like travel should be.


The campaign achieved an impressive 86% Y1 sales increase and generated more than 2 billion impressions in the first 26-months. Within 2-years, Delsey was on par with TUMI for unaided awareness.


Delsey has remained the Lightweight Category Leader for more than 10 years.