The Project

Recognizing Women’s Beauty At Any Age.


Founder and ex-runway model Lisa Alexander created a skincare line that would stand up to the toughest standards. “I’ve had everything on my face from paint to peanut butter and I call tell you, women need a product line they can trust to take care of their skin.”


In an overcrowded category, who was LaFace’s best target?

What We Found That The Other Guys Missed.

Results from over 2,000 surveys found huge gaps in the skincare category:  

  • 90%+ of skincare advertising is focused on 20-somethings
  • Category-wide messaging focuses on “anti-aging” products that urge women to stay looking younger, longer
  • A cultural shift was occurring among women in their 40s, 50s and 60s – they didn’t want to look younger (and they certainly didn’t see themselves as “old”), they wanted to embrace their beauty at every age
  • Not a single brand was there to support this over-20 group of women, and they were pissed about it

Furthermore, a review of the client’s advertising spend revealed that 90% of media dollars were being targeted to the same 20-something audience as the rest of the category, resulting in little traction for the brand because there was so much competition and little loyalty among this group.


Target the largest, but most under-served, women in the skincare marketplace: Baby Boomers.

  • As a subset, target women in other age groups who are going through a hormonal transitional time (e.g. pregnancy, cancer treatment, etc.)
  • Brand refresh so packaging and marketing reflects the new purpose.


Holding for brand launch.