The Project

Making Every Day Feel Like The First Day.

NC-based Spectraforce already had a lot going for it. Its loyalty numbers were relatively high for the category and its reputation for taking good care of its clients was well known. But like many brands, the firm was stuck in a rut of talking about how it had achieved its success, without setting a vision for why clients and candidates should choose it.

In addition to a lack of differentiation, research confirmed what everyone around the table had long-suspected — the lack of perceived value is due to candidates feeling as if they were just a transaction.

Our Assignment:  Define and articulate unique value around the brand, driving demand and loyalty among the most transient professional community on the planet – temp workers.

Enter NewJobphoria™. That amazing feeling that comes from knowing you just nailed the perfect job.

We had to show talent and companies alike that when you’re in the right job, every day at work feels as exciting as the first day. And that through ultra-advanced A.I. technology, Spectraforce is uniquely positioned to make the perfect match.
The new brand promise? To deliver a little thing called “NewJobphoria.”

The Cure for the Common Campaign

Internal adoption of NewJobphoria™ has taken on a life of its own, with internal teams quickly becoming its most enthusiastic advocates.


The new website is live and rollout of the new brand and its platform begins in the fall of 2020.

We can’t wait to breathe in that new job smell.