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Report: The Future of Work & Gig Economy 2.0

The future of work has been a hot topic lately, with most of the conversation focused around in-office versus virtual — how these become standards or perks (on either side) and how culture and productivity are the points in which we all lay our perspective (again, on both sides).

Future of Work: A Missing Piece of the Conversation

However, with all of the focus being put on where work will take place in the future, a piece of the conversation is missing. That piece is how employees’ careers are evolving. Given a changed environment over the last year alongside a new generation entering the workforce, expectations are being challenged and desires are shifting.

In this report we will explain the changes that are approaching the standard 9-5 job. We will explore why these changes are happening and what we expect to come out on the other side. We are also showing the data points behind it.

Audience: Who will find relevancy?

This report will be especially beneficial to the following audiences:

Employers: Understanding the future of your workforce will better equip you with the resources you need to find, hire, and retain the talent you have. With this trend more specifically, we’ll discuss how their evolved personal lives may bring you a more skilled employee.

Brands: When a third of your life is spent at work (and another third asleep), you can see how even a slight change in the future of work will begin a domino effect for an evolved consumer. When brands understand their target audience more comprehensively, they can find opportunities to meet them where they are, solve for their needs and ensure a relationship as they grow.

Bringing the Trend to Life

Consumer trends can sometimes feel overwhelming and lofty, but detrimental if you choose to disregard them. Ideating examples on how these behavior shifts can make their way into a brand’s strategy is all part of our process in developing reports. In this study, we examined how Michaels, AT&T and Zillow can each find opportunity in this evolution.

Let us know your thoughts and if we can help uncover opportunity for your brand. Enjoy!

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