Whynomics is introducing our most recent report: Isolation Turned Time of Growth, How quarantine led kids to evolve in unexpected ways.

What inspired this research?

As we approach the one-year mark from lockdowns, we reflect. It has been a difficult year on us all. We have learned about ourselves, evolved as people, and will be forever impacted by the life-changing events (or lack thereof) in the last several months.

We’ve seen myriad reports on how adults have been coping, but what about our kids?

For kids, 2020 was a year filled with boredom, lack of peer-to-peer socialization, fewer organized activities, a lack of structure and significantly more screen time via virtual school. At the onset, it seems like very little good could or would come from this set of circumstances – at least that’s what we believed when we set out to learn how kids had REALLY been faring since March of 2020. 

But what we found was quite different.

What to Expect

Join us on our deep dive into kids minds during a time of significant isolation from everything they’ve known before.

What we found is sure to surprise you.

While we don’t want to give everything away, we can tell you there’s true light that has come from kids in quarantine. Not all of it is at the forefront of their minds – kids typically go to how they’re doing in the moment, the suck-y-ness of COVID, but in having them dig a little deeper, into how they’re feeling, how they are really doing, we saw something worth highlighting.

The Lesson for Brands

Isolation and Kids’ Growth: While isolation may be temporary, their growth will only continue from here.

Kids heavily impacted by the pandemic will be your consumers in a few short years (if they are not already).

It is paramount brands understand them, how they are evolving as people, and their headspace as they grow into adults.

At Whynomics, we go deep with our research – resolving never to only accept what we see on the surface. As is proven by this report, it’s only when you peel back the layers and ask WHY that you can truly understand where people are and discover the unique ways your brand can connect with your audience. 

Want to identify meaningful, relevant and distinct ways you can connect with and engage your audience? Let’s connect.

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