The simple trait we had growing up can be used today to grow your business, it just takes acknowledging it and acting on it.

The Question “Why?”

For most of us, we’ve been asking “Why?” since before we could walk.

Why is it raining?

Why is the ocean blue?

Why do I need to eat my vegetables?

Why do grown ups cry when they are happy?

How It Started

We are born curious. In fact, Ellen Booth Church in Scholastic tells us,

“For young children, curiosity is as organic as breathing.”

We spend time and energy trying to preserve that nature, but after years of being told to ask less questions and just accept it, we begin to lose that thirst.

That thing inside us that urges us to find out why things are the way they are, and then to ask…should they be?

However, that very curiosity we’re born with, harnessed in the right way, isn’t just an adorable trait – 

It also helps make decisions, find cures, and create some of the most innovative things on planet earth.

All by simply asking, “Why?”

Tap That Trait, Grow Your Business

So let’s get back to it. Let’s tap into our inner-child – ask “why?” until we are blue in the face – and then let’s ask, “why do people get blue in the face?”

It’s time to start getting curious again.

It’s time to start asking why. Grow your business.

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