Trend Report: The Cultural Phenomenon of Gaming

Building brand loyalty is about creating affinity, often in unexpected places. As researchers, trend hunters, and cultural-shift identifiers, it is our job to pinpoint opportunities for brands to build affinity with their consumers – meeting them where they are (or where they may soon be). 2021 planning starts with knowing the trends that will impact consumers for months and years to come.

2021 Planning Can Bring Back Confidence

This year industries of all types have been flipped on their heads. Some struggle to push through while others are seeing unbelievable growth. The gaming category experienced the latter, and we promise, it matters to you.

Culture impacts us as consumers, and as brands find ways to build off cultural shifts, they uncover relevancy and in turn opportunity.

With 2020 being the year of accelerated trends, gaming stands out amongst them all.


Who is it for?

Marketers and business owners of any and all categories (even outside the gaming industry) who have the potential to take advantage of a growing category alongside their own.

Remember 65% of adults play games, so more likely than not, this is your consumer.

What you will learn: 2021 Planning

As you move into 2021 planning and strategizing, this report is a deep-dive into the opportunity waiting to be seized. This report includes an overlook of the category, emerging trends, and examples-in-action of brands who have begun implementing strategies to align their businesses with gaming.

Sneak peek of the highlights

How is your brand using culture shifts like these to grow and connect with your consumers in new ways?

Let us know your thoughts, questions, or how we can help you strategize for 2021 with trends like this one in mind.

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