Why Consumer Data and Input Is the Key to Successful Brands

At Whynomics, we mine for diamonds.

Except you can’t hold our diamonds in your hand, and you definitely can’t wear them to accentuate your cute new outfit (sad emoji). That’s because our diamonds are insights. Insights as elusive and valuable as a bazillion karats. We drill down through layers and layers until we uncover the emotional motivators behind consumer decisions, or as we call it, the WHY. That’s the key, the secret behind successful brands.

So grab your lunch pail and turn on your headlamp as we shine a light on the similarities between mining for diamonds and mining for business-changing insights. 

Four Similarities: Breaking it Down

1. Getting close doesn’t count. 

Until he’s holding a bona fide gem in his hand, a miner has nothing. Because there’s no glory for a miner who gets close to finding a diamond, and there’s even less glory for a miner who tries to pass off fool’s gold as the real deal. 

When it comes to a business’s unique strategy, “close” doesn’t count — even if you sell horseshoes and hand grenades. Guesswork doesn’t work. Ballparks get your team mercy ruled. And “winging it” is the first step toward crashing and burning. When you follow your gut, you might be close, but you’ll still be several degrees off course. And if you stay this course for months or years, you’re going to end up thousands of miles away from your target. 

2. You have to dig. Deep. 

If diamonds were easy to find, they’d be a dime a dozen. It’s this rareness and requisite work that gives diamonds their value. This process of digging deeper and deeper is what generates results. Without going deep, your chances of finding diamonds are slim, while your chances of finding a cheeseburger wrapper are high. 

By design, our process goes deep. It’s not enough to look at the numbers. It’s not enough to ask cookie-cutter questions. And it’s not enough to listen to accept terse responses. We identify business growth opportunities, because we uncover the WHY. Then we listen between the lines to actually hear what people are saying. If the answers were sitting right at the surface, businesses would be stumbling all over them. 

3. Insights, like diamonds, are truly precious. 

Miners can spend their whole lives waiting to feel the THUD of a pickaxe striking pay dirt. And once it happens, fortunes are forever changed. On top of a huge payday, a diamond creates a crazy catharsis of elation and relief. Simply put, nothing can replace its value. 

Our insight can be equally priceless to a business.

Once we unearth an invaluable nugget of truth, it gives businesses an actionable roadmap to follow.

A launchpad for success. A bright beacon that dictates decisions big and small. Nothing can take the place of a clear, accurate insight. It’s truly precious to a business. 

4. Finding the diamond is only the beginning. 

After our fictional miner sells off his raw diamond and hits the town, the diamond hasn’t reached its final form. It needs to be refined, buffed, cut down to size, polished and sold to retailers. This allows the diamond to keep growing in value, because it can be boiled down to an attractive, consumer-facing form. 

To our customers, knowing WHY is finding their diamond. Executing on WHY is how they create real value. A big business insight is only useful if a company finds the right way to package it and market it to customers. But once yours is refined, polished and ready for the world to see, your business can shine bright. Like a diamond. Sorry, Rihanna.

Successful brands have insights. So if you’re in need of some miners, we’ve got you covered.

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